X Simple Wing

The X is a wing for those who want to catch some thermals and enjoy the sky for a bit longer. It is a safe wing with simple, lightweight construction. 

The wing comes in two sizes X22 and x19.

Construction details and materials for X 

It has 27 cells. There is a tension tape on the entire D line.
The X is a hybrid three line wing. The A, B, C and D gallery lines are joined to three main lines. The risers have an incorporated speed system for an additional 8-10 km/h. The upper and bottom surface of the wing is produced from 27g/m2  Porcher Skytex 27 material.


X 19

 x 22

Flat Area 19m² 22m²
No. cells 27 27
Flat Wingspan 9,14 m 9,83m
AR 4,4 4,4
Projected Area 15,88m² 18,38m²
Trim speed km/h 38-40 km/h – 90 kg 39 km/h – 90 kg
Speed max km/h 48-50 km/h 48/50 km/h
Take-off weight min 60 kg 60 kg
Weight 2,20 kg 2,4 kg