• Lightweight harness for Hike&Fly adventures.
  • It weighs 400g (including steel maillon rapide carabiners).
  • Speed system compatible.
  • Leg and chest straps are detachable making use of the harness with boots, crampons or snowshoes easier.
  • One size fits all. Only the shoulder straps are adjustable.

ALP Plus

  • Lightweight reversible harness.

  • The ALP harness is combined with either of our 30L or 60L lightweight backpacks.

  • The system is modular allowing the harness to be detached for use on its own as a lightweight harness and the backpack can be used on its own as well.

  • Weight is determined by the backpack you choose to combine with the 400g harness. The 30L adds 370g and the 60L adds a slim 450g.


    • Backpacks are produced in four sizes to accommodate differing equipment volume needs.

    Small – 30L | Medium – 60L | Large – 90L | XLarge – 120L

       60l                                          90l

       90l                                           120l



  • Universal front container compatible with every harness.
  • Front container is attached directly to the main harness carabiners.
  • Three different container sizes fit various canopy surfaces sizes.
  • Weight 90g
  • Size: S | M | XL

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